CFH Athlete Highlight


CFH Athlete Highlight

Louise is CFH!

Louise, aka Weezer, has been a staple of the 6:00 PM classes for many years. But did you know that she still plays slow pitch softball? She feels like her hitting has improved quite a bit since starting at CFH.  She can remember feeling so much soreness after the first practice and for a few weeks into the new season, but now she goes into it already in shape and prepared to play. Louise has had a desk job for 20 years – but recently she got a second job that requires her to lift items up to 50 pounds. She said she laughed a bit when she read that info in the description and thought, “that’s all?” 

Louise Says: 
Favorite movement: Probably dumbbell snatches… although I really like chucking D-balls, too.  Both of those movements make me feel like a badass!

Favorite thing about class? I am not particularly good at knowing what to do in a gym setting, nor am I a self-motivator.  I love that CFHs do all of the programming, and that they and the rest of the group are there to help me finish, especially when I really really want to quit. 

With a busy work / life schedule what motivates you to come to class consistently? I found that when it comes to fitness and health you can make 2 things: priorities or excuses.  If you really like something, it’s easier to allocate time for it.  If you aren’t really into something, you make excuses as to why you can’t do it.  I WANT to go to class, so I make it a priority.  Simple as that.

What is something unique about you or that CFH doesn’t know about you? I’m afraid I’m somewhat of an open book and there is not much about me that folks don’t know.  I do have a few books / movies that I really like and collect items from all of them.  They include Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.