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Are You Unbalanced? Looking for Balance? Overwhelmed by Training and Nutrition?

Since CrossFit is both mentally and physically challenging; establishing balance is critical.  When balance is implemented correctly, based on Athletes’ ability, long term success is nearly guaranteed. In addition, Athletes need to learn appropriate intensity and technique that align to their personal goals. Ultimately this will set Athletes up for success in and out of the gym!  

Our CFH community and group training fosters an environment that’s unrivaled.  Our CrossFit classes provide the support, motivation and accountability that produce consistent progress.  Most of all, it is fun! The pace of our classes is set to meet the ever-evolving methodology of CrossFit and the needs of our growing community – to make sure all of our Athletes are getting a great workout. This can sometimes make it difficult to give dedicated time to develop a new skill, or to make progress in form and technique that will allow Athletes to apply the right intensity. CrossFit is the foundation of our Athletes fitness and health, but each Athlete at CFH also has their own specific goals. 

Whether it is getting your first muscle up, or gaining strength, or improving body composition; I want CFH to provide you with the knowledge and resources to achieve your individual goals. Both physical training and practicing proper nutrition principles is key. Possessing mental and physical awareness of your body is important but also what you are using to fuel the machine; is essential.

I’ve been coaching athletes of all levels for over 12 years and have an extreme passion for CrossFit.  However, it’s not just about the workout for me, success as an Athlete is not exclusive to performance. Success is also found in understanding your goals and your purpose in each workout; it is knowing when to push and why and when to back off and being ok with that to achieve a greater goal. Success is being able to physically challenge yourself, while maintaining the enjoyment of working out – this is what creates a motivated, happy, and healthy Athlete. I have found that Athletes who learn how to balance their training both physically and mentally, tend to be the most successful in the gym, but more importantly, in day to day life. 

The best part of being a Coach is getting to work with motivated Athletes. I’m excited to use my knowledge and skills to help you understand your goals and how to achieve them through targeted, personalized training.

Coach Dave

Are You an Athlete Who:

Is looking to learn new movements or refine skills. Personal Training time spent one to one to can work to develop techniques like pull ups, hand-stand pushups, and even Muscle Ups. Athletes may also be looking to develop technique in Olympic lifts such as the clean & jerk or snatch.

Wants to gain strength. This could be for Athletes who are struggling with barbell specific workouts, looking to make weight increases on particular lift like the deadlift, or who simply want to gain more muscle. A personalized approach can help by focusing your training and teaching good habits to prevent injury

Is currently working around an injury or limitation. A personalized plan with custom scaling and modifications will give you the best substitutions and strategies.  This will allow you to maintain the environment and benefit of a group class while enhancing your personal experience – keeping you engaged while progressing towards your goals. 

Is looking to work on injury prevention. Mobility is everywhere and very trendy in CrossFit and the fitness industry in general. With all of the information that is available, it is easy to become overwhelmed with possibilities. A personal program will define the right exercises for your goals and your needs. 

Wants to improve their understanding and implementation of nutrition. You can learn how to understand and implement basic nutrition changes to improve overall health or we can work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that improves performance or changes body composition


Personal training can be purchased in packages, talk to us about your goals and let’s get started. Email us at [email protected].

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