Ryan is CFH!


Ryan is CFH!

Ryan has been a member of CFH for quite some time but is really only known to the early morning Athletes. Ryan works in NYC at HSBC, and he says that getting to the gym right away helps him to jump start the day – and his 6 AM crew is helpful in making sure he makes the train. His favorite things to do outside the gym is to spend time with his family and to be active with his kids.  

Ryan Says: 

Favorite favorite workout?  I love the challenge of doing Murph Every year  

Favorite thing about class?  6 am is great, it’s a great mix of athletes all of which get along great but work hard and efficient to get a good workout and get on with our days  

With a busy work / life schedule what motivates you to come to class consistently? I like that by going so early in the morning it allows me to do something very important to me without impacting my time with my family. 

What is something unique about your or that CFH doesn’t know about you?  I played lacrosse in college but actually had to stop my junior year because of herniated discs in my back.