Team Sports: Strength & Conditioning

  • Team Sports Strength and Conditioning in Hamilton Township NJ

Our Team Sports Strength and Conditioning program program is designed for all sports teams, regardless of age or sport, to strengthen athletic performance.

Athletes have consistently found that attending classes at CFH, has improved their strength, power, speed, coordination, and cardio-respiratory endurances. CFH also provides a unique energy driven atmosphere making the time spent with us that much more fun.

Classes are instructed by an experienced CFH Coach who is Safe Sport Certified. Programs are developed with the participants’ sport, age, ability, and team goals in mind. Classes generally include both a strength and conditioning portion. Athletes learn to move safely and must demonstrate proper technique before significant load and intensity are added.

We give young Athletes the knowledge and experience of functional fitness to prepare them for the next level.

Individual athletes can also take advantage of our Sports Strength and Conditioning programs. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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