The End of an Era or Just Evolution?


The End of an Era or Just Evolution?

CrossFit Hamilton was established in 2009, two years after I started training, coaching and immersing myself into the CrossFit methodology, and long after CrossFit was founded in 2000.  In 2005 there were only 5 registered affiliates!

Since its infancy, CrossFit has seen its fair share of changes – not all of them for the better.  From affiliating in small garages to globo gym size facilities and amenities, from home-made equipment to being fully outfitted by Rouge Fitness, and from one WOD a day to doing more workouts and volume in one day then we used to do for the week!  However, CrossFit’s prescription and methodology, though controversial, has stayed consistent. One workout a day, constantly varied, and performed at RELATIVELY high intensity.  Combine that with their nutritional prescription of “eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat”.  To simplify, eat whole foods.  Mostly plants.  And not too much. 

Throughout the years, and I have been guilty of this as well, these simple concepts have been manipulated by affiliates and coaches.  The CrossFit Open, regionals, and the games have influenced the way we programmed for our athletes, as well as a constant need to try and reinvent the wheel to find the “right” diet.  CrossFit Hamilton, like many long-time successful affiliates, opened up its doors for the right reasons. Also, like many other long-term, successful affiliates – we have evolved.  We are not in a garage, not making homemade equipment, and we’re not training you for the CrossFit games… sorry:) What we are doing is putting more focus and energy into coaching, programming, and safety. We are helping our Athletes find the nutrition prescription that works the best for them and improving our business services… we’re experienced.

As a long-time affiliate owner, coach, and someone who believes in the CrossFit methodology I feel obligated to defend CrossFit Hamilton, our gym, coaches, and fitness community. Whether it’s other well respected coaches outside of the CrossFit community, coaches that I look up to offering their opinions or even long time CrossFit games competitors and influencers, promoting their “new and better training programs” on social media, it all comes back to understanding CrossFit’s methodology, prescription, and the basics. Weightlifting, power lifting, and gymnastics are all huge components of the CrossFit program.  They may not have been sports on the verge of extinction, but CrossFit not only brought them back to life; but gave them the proper exposure they deserve and the chance for us to experience what’s great about these disciplines. Hypertrophy training (bodybuilding), endurance, as well as mobility all have their place in a successful and balanced fitness program and could be biased specifically to help athletes reach their goals.

Since the beginning, the CrossFit program has implemented all training disciplines, but never biases them.  It’s up to us, the affiliates, the coaches, and the athletes, to alter the program specific to our community’s needs. The best training principle in CrossFit is that it doesn’t specialize in one training method but performing well in all of them. CrossFit is the basis for our CFH program, and it is and should be the foundation of our fitness.  It’s what we do outside of that foundation that’s specific to our goals – but never losing sight of that foundation, and the community that drives it.

CrossFit is evolving, as is fitness… in a good way.  Strength and conditioning gyms and functional fitness studios are popping up everywhere, performing functional movements at RELATIVELY high intensity….it’s CrossFit – regardless of what you wanna call it. And by whatever name you choose, real fitness is happening at CFH. Better coaching and programming principles are being implemented in every strength and conditioning facility all over the world, including CFH. The future of fitness doesn’t have a name nor is it exclusive to any sport, discipline, or any other training methodology.  But it’s doing it together that gets results.  My goal is to create that environment helping our athletes obtain their goals, safely and effectively. We are making that happen in our gym… doing CrossFit. — Coach Dave